About Us

Bottomline BBQ catering

SO you are on our About us Page. I get it. You are curious about who will be bring the flavor of perfect BBQ to your event. And we commend you on your curiosity.

In 2014, I started this business because I was in search of the best BBQ Tri-Tip, Ribs, Pulled Pork, Brisket, and Chicken in the area... and sorely I found my efforts were futile. What did I do? Did I abandon my search? Did I give up on this area for good BBQ? Nope.

I endeavored to create my own BBQ that can rival any BBQ in the area. I did this by not using store bought sauces or using substandard meats in my BBQ. I slowly over time crafted the best rub you have ever tasted in addition to a sauce that perfectly compliments the meat. Lastly I found that the best way to BBQ is to slowly cook our meats so that I can produce the most superb smokey flavored BBQ you can find in the region.

My passion for GREAT BBQ has led to the creation of our Bottomline BBQ. And our Bottomline is simple: we love BBQ and we love share our love with others. And that is the BOTTOMLINE.